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Zamioculca "Somalia"


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It should be watered once a week in summer and every 20 days in winter.

It can be in spaces with little light, also artificial light because it is a very resistant plant. But it will be prettier if it receives light, although not direct.

The temperature should always be above 15 degrees and never below.

Indoor / Outdoor

Height approximately 40 to 60 cm.

Is not pet-friendly


Durable and cheerful, Somalia, technically named Zamioculca is a very easy-care indoor plant with the ability to cheer up anyone nearby. Cheering up offices and fostering the capacity for intellectual development is one of its main virtues.

This indoor plant does not need much sunlight, it will only need artificial light to grow with a wonderful green color. It also does not need excessive watering and in the colder season it will be able to live weeks without water. Zamioluca grows strong with little care and is able to do so intensely that it needs to be transplanted in less than two years.

Like the vast majority, it is an indoor air purifying plant, it creates a contribution of 'superior oxygen able to reduce migraines and improve the ability to develop ideas. It is highly recommended for use in the workplace, especially in offices, the color of its leaves also encourages creativity and its benefits in air purification improve communication and decision-making ability. It also has a strong power as a decorative element.

If you are thinking of giving it to a superior or a colleague, Zamioculca is your ideal choice. Plant for hardy people who do their best to fulfill their dreams.

Plant pot not included.


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