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Espatifili "Honduras"


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It should be watered abundantly in the summer to keep the soil moist but to prevent drowning. In the winter months it will only need to be hydrated moderately.

They like light in both winter and summer as long as the sun doesn't shine directly on them. He likes the sun moderately.

The ideal temperature will always be between 18 and 25 degrees, if we maintain these temperatures it will always be in bloom. It can tolerate temperatures up to 30 degrees but can never be below 15 degrees.


Height between 40 and 60 cm approximately.

Is not pet-friendly


Also known as the Peace Lily or White Flag, the Espatifili is one of those hardy plants that give you so much more than they ask for. In addition to having very simple care, it has some properties that make it highly valued, such as purifying and humidifying the air. A natural way to replace artificial purifiers!

This helps to reduce the anxiety levels of those around you, providing better rest if you decide to place it in the room. Beyond its properties, one of the most striking features is that the Espatifili blooms all year round and allows you to have a permanent decoration element. You have already seen that for its qualities and benefits, it is an ideal plant to give away. Or even to give yourself away. Have you decided?

Plant pot not included.