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Delicious Monstera "México"


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It does not require much water, it should be watered between 1 or 2 times a week in summer and once every 15 days in winter. But make sure the soil is dry before re-watering.

You need a space that has a good light but in no case receive it directly. Because it could burn its leaves. It adapts to dimly lit spaces.

Inside the house at a normal temperature it will grow without problems, but it is able to withstand temperatures of 0 and 5 degrees.


Height between 45 and 60 cm approximately.

Is not pet-friendly

Monstera Deliciosa

Delicious Monstera, commonly called Adam's Rib, is the most sought after indoor plant in recent years. Its leaves remind us of any tropical environment and have been used as a reference for exoticism, rainforests and the most sought after Caribbean countries.

It is an easy-care indoor plant with great aesthetic benefits and at the health level. The monstera is responsible for purifying the environment, converting carbon dioxide into oxygen and absorbing impurities that live in the air. Thanks to its large leaves, it also has the ability to attenuate the sounds and relax the view, being the office floor for offices that will improve the environment of any company.

To get its full potential , the Monstera will have to live in a temperature above 18°C, although in the coldest times it can survive up to 10°C. Direct sunlight should be avoided but you need to live in a well-lit space. You need to water them once a week in the summer and twice a month in the winter, always making sure that they are not flooded.

With all this, your Monstera indoor plant will be able to live easily. But if you want your leaves to break up creating their differential shapes, you need to create an atmosphere similar to your home. Spraying them or even spraying them in the shower during the hottest times or when they live near heating will be the secret to making them look perfect.

Plant pot not included.


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