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Bonsai "China"



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It is a tree that needs moisture, we must always check that it has moist soil. But we will never put a plate of water under it because it can rot the roots. One of our tips is to make a shallow ditch and a few minutes later a deeper one to see how it expels excess water.

They require a good dose of daily light. This will determine your growth. Failure to receive the necessary light can result in death.

It is better adapted to warm than cold temperatures.

Indoor / Outdoor

Height between 20 and 45 cm approximately.

Is not pet-friendly


Who hasn’t thought of trying to grow a bonsai at some point? Well, this may be your time, because from Rosistirem we give you the chance to get a Ficus Bonsai, one of the most resistant bonsai varieties. An ideal opportunity for those who want to enter this exciting world. This could be the first contact with a hobby that is sweeping many parts of the world, and on top of that it brings you a lot of both psychological and environmental benefits. What do you dare with this little one?

Plant pot not included.