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Pothos "Timor"


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It only has to be watered when the land is dry, it does not require large crops. It is better to water the little than to offend her, how much she needs water all the time, but if you pass it, it is pot to rot.

Requereix d'ambients il·luminats but seva llum must always be indirect.

The ideal temperature for the Pothos is between 17 to 30 degrees but more than 3 degrees.


Height of 40 and 60 cm approximately.

Is not pet-friendly


Potus is one of the most popular indoor plants in our country. This fame may be due to its simple care, its aesthetic beauty, and its benefits, even studied by NASA. Yes, yes, that's how you feel. And it is an air purifying plant capable of removing certain toxic elements from the atmosphere. Equally we should all adopt one before it becomes famous and exhausted! You can choose where to place it, as it adapts to almost any space, and due to its flexible stems, you can make it grow wherever you like. You can have it collected, or make your house look like a jungle, you choose. This is the magic of climbing plants!

Plant pot not included.


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