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Purple Orchid "Bali"


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It should be watered every 6 to 10 days.

He really likes the sun but as long as he doesn't have direct exposure.

The temperature should not exceed 30 degrees or fall below 10 degrees.

Indoor / Outdoor

Height approximately 40 to 45 cm / 60 cm.

Is pet-friendly

Dwelling Orchid

The orchid is the best plant to give away. Known as Phalaenopsis, it comes from Southeast Asia, especially near water. It is a prized element of Feng Shui and you should already have one at home. They are known for improving air quality, providing clean and fresh oxygen, as well as the ability to absorb Chilean, an element found in glues, paints and varnishes. This makes it the perfect plant to give away when someone moves.

They are able to reduce stress and headaches, providing calm and improving the flow of energy.

They are a symbol of elegance, beauty and love. Its large stem towards the flower reminds us that "nothing worthwhile is easily achieved". They are perfect to give as a thank you to those who have helped us to improve or to support those who are encouraged to embark on a new project or need to improve soon.

Needs light, but without exposure to the Sun directly. It also does not require daily care or excess water. It must have its own special fertilizer and be cared for with affection in order for it to bloom. On the other hand, there is the spiritual saying that if an orchid withers, it means that the plan undertaken will not work. Therefore, care must be taken and love must be given so that the future may be as you wish.

Plant pot not included.


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