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Bouquet of Colored Paniculata "Rainbow"


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For each purchase, a portion of the money is donated to organisations that support vulnerable groups or others undertaking initiatives with a global impact. More information.
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Sachet of free nutrients to keep your bouquet for longer
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Each flower is unique in its colour and shape, so it may vary from the image.


“Who am I or who do they say I am? Free of labels, free to decide… Human beings were not born to be conditioned.

Much I am a branch dedicated to the true essence, to the transparency, to the vivid colors of the soul when it is exposed as it is.

Who is this bouquet for? The question really is: Why? It is a bouquet of flowers to empower you and speak from your inner voice, so that your self-love sprouts strongly, so that everything you have always carried inside blooms.

Created with the colors of diversity, a symbol of fidelity to the innate authenticity of each individual”

* Vase not included.