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Neobuxbaumia Polylopha "Kalahari"


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It should be watered once every 20 days in summer and once a month in winter.

They really like the sun, they can be exposed to it directly.

The ideal temperature is between 20 and 30 degrees not to expose below 2 degrees.

Indoor /Outrdoor

Height less than 25 cm approximately.

Is not pet-friendly

Neobuxbaumia Polylopha

The Neobuxbaumia Polylopha cactus is the living image of deserts like the Kalahari. This small cactus is one of the largest that can be made. If your ideas can also grow a lot, this is the ideal cactus to have in your work area.

Cactus easy to care for, needs almost no water: every 8-10 days in summer and no watering in the l winter. It is recommended to keep it at temperatures above 18 °C but can live up to 5 °C. It likes the sun a lot, and it can bloom if it is in the right environment. It can also live in the shade, but will not transmit vitality, much less bloom.

It is recommended to have cactus near an area where there are many devices because it reduces electromagnetic pollution, avoiding fatigue, headaches and lazy to go to work.

Kalahari, in addition to absorbing bad energy, creates a visual oasis that will help you comfort yourself in times of hard work and stress. It’s small but with a huge ability to grow, just like your dreams do if you strive to achieve them. Put a Kalahari cactus in your life and make your projects reach the top.

Plant pot not included.