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Cactus Polaskia Chichipe "Chihuahua"


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It should be watered once every 20 days in summer and once a month in winter.

She loves the direct sun.

It has very good heat tolerance, so it can withstand very high temperatures and can withstand temperatures up to 4 degrees.

Indoor / Outdoor

Height of approximately 18 cm.

Is not pet-friendly

Polaskia Chichipe

The most famous cactus in the desert, the traditional Polaskia Chichipe. It's small, cute and a must-have for your study, work or reading area.

This little (and very cute!) Cactus is able to make you smile just by looking at it. Like all cacti, it does not need excessive care and has the ability to survive in the vast majority of environments, always above 7 ° C. Although it does not need too much water, it is important to water it. In the spring, water it every 10-12 days, and sometimes during the summer. During the cold seasons it will be enough with 1 time a month. Easy, right? Don't worry!

Cactus are good companions in areas where there are many devices: televisions, screens, computers, etc., as they help clean the environment of electromagnetic pollution, reducing headaches, stress and fatigue.

For Feng Shui, cactus are the guardians of their owners, helping to find inner strength for those who enjoy their company. It is the best cactus to give to those people who want to be successful in their projects or who need extra motivation to achieve it.

Plant pot not included.


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