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Anthurium "Costa Rica"


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It should be watered 2 times a week in summer and once a week in winter.

It requires good light, it can survive in low light areas but it is not recommended because it would lose the charm of its leaves. Failure to expose it to direct sunlight could result in sunburn.

The ideal temperature is between 20 and 25 degrees constantly, never recommended below 12 degrees.


Height of approximately 60 cm.

Is not pet-friendly

Anthurium Andreanum

Anthurium Andreanum is the technical name of one of the most traditional indoor plants we know. Its intense green leaves, contrasted with the pink, red, orange or white color of its flower, have been present in the history of plants for hundreds of years. Its colors remind us of the great diversity of flora and fauna that can be found between the beaches and the rainforest of this Central American country.

They are known as the plant of hospitality for the versatility of spaces in which can survive; in addition it does not need great amount of light, although it is recommended to be able to enjoy the vivacity of all colors. Anthurium Andreanum is an easy-to-maintain indoor plant as it only needs to be watered a couple of times a week when its soil is dry; it is also grateful to be sprayed to enjoy a humid environment as in the place of its origin.

Plant pot no included.